Radio Frequency

SkinBase Radio Frequency works by heating the dermis to stimulate a healing response from the body. The result; increased collagen production, activation of fibroblasts and a tightening of the elastin fibres. This natural restorative response results in tighter, firmer and younger looking skin. Results can be seen instantly. The treatment is non-invasive, painless and creates a pleasant warming sensation for the client. How does it work The energy waves used in Radio Frequency treatment also prompt the cells within the skin to metabolise more effectively, stimulating the microcirculation and resulting in an increase of oxygen to the tissue. Higher oxygenation of the tissues helps to promote healing and skin rejuvenation. Radio Frequency treatment accelerates the elimination of toxins from the body by stimulating the lymphatic For use on the face and body, the SkinBase RF remodels, tones and builds; rejuvenating & tightening skin and acting on cellulite. Whereas some injectables such as Botox™ paralyse the muscle to improve the appearance of wrinkles and plump out the skin, with RF clients can look forward to increased muscle tone, a more defined jaw line and diminished fine lines caused by the tightening effect from a natural realignment of the tissues.
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