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Skincare is so important for your skin health but it doesn’t need to be complicated. A simple routine applied consistently along with the use of a good SPF will ensure your skin is kept in great condition.

Skincare on our blog

The SkinBase blog brings together all our dermatological knowledge and expertise so you can find the best treatments and tips for your skin. We tell you all about the key ingredients for effective skincare and how they can help and benefit your skin. Used alongside your SkinBase facials, the advice from our blog will ensure your skin is always looking its best.

If there anything you want or need to know about caring for your skin then you can get in touch via ‘Ask Leesa’ on the sidebar of our website and we will get back to you with our advice and recommendations. If Leesa doesn’t know the answer it’s not worth knowing!

hello sunshine

What to consider before you say “Hello Sunshine”…

Well we are fully in the thick of summer, although it may not feel like it some days with the typical British weather! But, for those hot hot days, I wanted to share some pointers to consider when it comes to the sun. Today, many of us are aware of some of the drastic side effects that too many hours in the sun can have…wrinkles, dark spots and premature ageing sound familiar!? But is it also possible that we have become too cautious about that shining sphere in the sky? And, how much sun is too much sun? Well you’ve come to the right place, because SkinBase followers, here’s the scoop…

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red head
Beauty Tips

Six top makeup tips for redheads…

We are often asked about makeup tips and this blog is dedicated to the ladies out there with ginger (auburn, red, strawberry blonde…) hair. Whatever you want to call it, we think it’s beautiful! Makeup tips for redheads can often be the hardest to find but you’re in luck! These tips are sure to make your features and your beautiful red tresses stand out beautifully!

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makeup removal tips

Easy and effective makeup removal tips…

Likely we all spend a lot more time putting our makeup on, rather than taking it off but did you know that makeup removal should be an important part of your skin care routine? There are a number of tips for removing makeup effectively and we’ve pulled together some of the best to help make sure your skin stays in tip top condition! Make makeup removal a breeze with these tips for removing makeup.

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acne breakout
Acne & Acne Scarring

How to deal with adult acne

I never thought that acne would be something I would have to worry about as an adult, but sure enough it is! And, the worst thing is, it seems to pop up when I’d least like it to. The night before a big party, job interview, date…! Sound familiar!? If you’re feeling like me and would like to kick acne to the curb once and for all, then this blog, packed full to the brim of top tips on how to deal with adult acne, is just the ticket.

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clear skin

Top tips to clear your skin after a breakout…

Breakouts can really get you down and it’s not always clear why you are suffering from them in the first place. But do not worry, follow these simple tips to keep your skin clean, and you will find that your skin will clear fairly quickly after a breakout.

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