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Skincare is so important for your skin health but it doesn’t need to be complicated. A simple routine applied consistently along with the use of a good SPF will ensure your skin is kept in great condition.

Skincare on our blog

The SkinBase blog brings together all our dermatological knowledge and expertise so you can find the best treatments and tips for your skin. We tell you all about the key ingredients for effective skincare and how they can help and benefit your skin. Used alongside your SkinBase facials, the advice from our blog will ensure your skin is always looking its best.

If there anything you want or need to know about caring for your skin then you can get in touch via ‘Ask Leesa’ on the sidebar of our website and we will get back to you with our advice and recommendations. If Leesa doesn’t know the answer it’s not worth knowing!

skin tone
Beauty Tips

Our tips on how to create a perfectly even skin tone…

A perfect skin tone is often one of the most lusted after beauty traits and something we are asked about a lot, here at SkinBase. The ‘picture perfect’ look can often feel an impossible task and if you’re like me, then you’ve tried everything to make your skin appear more even, including using every make up trick in the book. Here are some tried and tested tips which are sure to help if an even skin tone is something you lust after.

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clean your makeup brushes
Beauty News

How to clean your makeup brushes at home

Using makeup brushes on a daily basis but skipping cleaning can lead to clogged pores and pesky breakouts, and quality brushes will deteriorate and not perform at their best. So learning how to properly clean them is one of the best ways to protect your investment and more importantly, your skin!

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lockdown skin
Beauty News

Are you suffering from lockdown skin?

You might have had the chance to give your skin a breather during lockdown. The chance to wear less makeup and get more sleep if you have been at home more. So why then is that not translating to great skin? A few factors could be affecting your skin condition and causing lockdown skin.

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body brushing exfoliate
Beauty Tips

Why It’s Time To Start Body Brushing

Body brushing is a great way to exfoliate your skin. You can easily do it at home by using a brush with natural bristles. Choose a brush with a long handle so that you can reach your back and shoulders.

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