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dull & tired skin
Ageing Skin

Dull and tired skin? Download our FREE eBook now…

Due to popular demand, the third of our FREE ebooks focusing on the problems and treatment of skin conditions ranging from acne to ageing is ready.

This time we’re tackling Dull & Tired skin – something we’re sure pretty much all of you can relate to…

Take a look inside for the download link. Enjoy! 

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hair some va-va voom
Beauty Tips

Give your hair some va-va voom with these amazing tips…

Is you hair limp, lifeless and lacking that certain something-something. Well, let me tell you, you’re not alone! In fact, this is a reality that most of us have to face. Lack of volume can affect us all, whether you have thick tresses or fine hair. So, before you rush to the hairdressers, give these tried and tested tricks to help inject your hair with some beautiful va-va voom. 

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hello sunshine

What to consider before you say “Hello Sunshine”…

Well we are fully in the thick of summer, although it may not feel like it some days with the typical British weather! But, for those hot hot days, I wanted to share some pointers to consider when it comes to the sun. Today, many of us are aware of some of the drastic side effects that too many hours in the sun can have…wrinkles, dark spots and premature ageing sound familiar!? But is it also possible that we have become too cautious about that shining sphere in the sky? And, how much sun is too much sun? Well you’ve come to the right place, because SkinBase followers, here’s the scoop…

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