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mum who wants to get fit

Mother’s Day gift ideas for the mum who wants to get fit

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and we’ve got some ideas for you. If your mum has decided 2019 is the year she gets in shape, this gift guide will inspire you. Get her a gift that will be truly appreciated – after all, she’s spent years helping you. So why not do the same for her? And if you’re the mum that wants to get fit, make sure you leave this list lying around somewhere. Nothing wrong with providing a little ‘inspiration’ for whoever is buying you your gift too! 

Luxury leggings

Everyone has an ugly old pair of leggings they can put on when they’re going to an exercise class – but nothing beats the feeling of pulling on a pair of high quality, flattering, premium leggings. Depending on your budget, you can really surprise your mum with a gorgeous pair she’ll look forward to wearing.

Activity tracker

You don’t have to splash serious cash to get a wearable activity tracker anymore – your mum can count her steps and record her heart rate for as little as £15 nowadays! And it really does make all the difference – with an activity tracker, whether budget, high-end, or mid-range, you can see yourself getting fitter, which is a fantastic way to encourage your mum and show her you think about her. 

Personalised water bottle

You can get these from hundreds of different online shops, and they make a really sweet gift. Perfect if you’re a little cash-strapped but you still want to show mum you care! 

Muscle Soak

A post-workout treat that anyone getting into exercise will be sure to appreciate – opt for one with Epsom salts to help to soothe the muscles, and a herbal infusion such as arnica, lavender or rosemary to relax the mind!

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A fitness-fanatic’s beauty treat

Of course, your mum might have already sorted all this out for herself, especially if she’s already joined a gym or a fitness programme. And if you aren’t sure whether your gift would be welcome or just a duplicate of something she already has, why not get her something to reward her hard work, and treat herself instead? SkinBase Radio Frequency Treatments are the ideal present for someone who’s getting fit and losing weight. These treatments lift and firm the skin, help to eliminate cellulite and tighten loose skin. When people lose weight, especially if they’ve had the weight for a long time, their skin can often fail to keep up, and doesn’t snap back against the body like it should.

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency can help with this by stimulating the skin’s collagen and hyaluronic acid production, as well as realigning elastin fibres, to restructure the skin for visible lifting and tightening. Cellulite is often an unwelcome surprise for new fitness fanatics too – unfortunately, working out and eating healthily often doesn’t do anything to shift that orange peel skin, but Radio Frequency is one of the few beauty treatments that actually can help. Give your mum a treat she’ll truly appreciate and pick up a gift voucher for a Radio Frequency treatment today! Find her nearest therapist here.

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