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Is perfect skin on your wish list this year?

Are you ready for 2019 to be the year you achieve your best skin ever? Well, we’re here for you! Everyone is different, and our skin is too; that’s why it’s important for you to do your research and find out what treatments are available for your individual skin goals. SkinBase offers a range of facials that can be used to solve a multitude of skin concerns. So read on to learn about all of the different ways that SkinBase treatments can help; you’ll be surprised by how many there are. 

Fine lines 

The first signs of ageing such as fine lines, often appear in our mid-to-late twenties and become deeper and more noticeable as time goes on. A course of Microdermabrasion Facials will help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating cell renewal and by increasing collagen production and microcirculation. 

Skin laxity and wrinkles

Also known by the slightly less polite term ‘sagging’, skin laxity is something that we all deal with as we age and our collagen production slows down. Skin loses that plump, toned appearance that we took for granted when we were young. If you’re beginning to notice wrinkles, or loose skin on your jowls, neck or upper arms, a course of firming Radio Frequency will help to lift, firm and tone your skin by re-stimulating your body’s natural collagen production.  


Pigmentation can pop up at any time, primarily as a result of sun damage, but other causes include; hormonal changes, exposure to chemicals, and pollution. It can be tough to get rid of pigmentation because it often sits very deep in the skin layers. However, SkinBase Intense Pulsed Light treatments (IPL), uses beams of filtered light to reach the pigmented cells and help break them down, allowing the body to flush them away, leaving behind clear, evenly toned skin.

Vascular Lesions

IPL can be used to help treat broken capillaries, rosacea and vascular lesions. The therapist simply uses the IPL machine to target the broken blood vessels, which the body is then able to flush away naturally.

Dull, rough skin

When we’re stressed, busy, and tired, our skin shows it. Microdermabrasion Facials help by removing dead skin cells, and stimulating circulation within the skin, therefore restoring a bright, smooth, radiant complexion. 

Acne and acne scarring

Dealing with acne as an adult is hard. But there are more and more ways to treat acne and acne scarring nowadays, and SkinBase has three! Microdermabrasion facials help to deep cleanse the pores and remove excess oil, therefore removing two of the key causes of spots. Intense Pulsed Light also targets two key causes of spots in a different way. It helps to suppress sebum and also kills acne bacteria, preventing those angry, inflamed spots. Radio Frequency, on the other hand, is perfect for those of you who no longer have acne, but are struggling with scarring. It helps to replenish your collagen levels, reducing that characteristic post-acne uneven skin texture, and leaving smooth, even skin in its place.

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