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National Best Friend’s Day

It’s National Best Friend’s Day!

National Best Friend’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate that person in your life who’s always there for you! In this age of ever-increasing loneliness, it’s never been more important to show your friends how much you appreciate and care about them. Why not celebrate with your BFF by indulging in a spa day together, or booking yourselves in for some beautifying treatments? You could go for a couple of radiance-boosting SkinBase Microdermabrasion Facials, or why not try the latest SkinBase Facial, Radio Frequency? This relaxing treatment feels like a hot stone massage, but in reality, it’s actually a seriously effective treatment designed to make you look younger! Sounds great right? Here’s a bit more about it!

Radio Frequency is the perfect wellness treat

During a treatment, the therapist will use a specialised handset to deliver radio frequency waves into the skin. These waves have a dual effect; firstly, they stimulate collagen production and realign elastin fibres to tighten, firm and tone up the skin – perfect if you’re looking for a firmer complexion or to reduce cellulite. Secondly, the waves used in Radio Frequency treatments actually stimulate metabolic processes on a cellular level. They help stimulate the microcirculation, therefore increasing oxygen supply to the skin. This helps the skin to regenerate more effectively, leaving it rejuvenated and healthier looking. 

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Your skin’s best friend

So why are we recommending Radio Frequency on National Best Friend’s Day? Well, we think that Radio Frequency is a lot like a best friend. There are lots of other treatments that work well for our skin; indulgent facials, intense procedures, expensive moisturisers. But how many of them truly work to support your skin from the inside out? Just like our best friends, the one who’s always there for us and builds us up when you need them most. Radio Frequency works with your skin, not to cover up or hide your flaws or insecurities, but to help you overcome them. What better treatment to get with your bestie as a celebration of your friendship? Go on get yourselves booked in, find a therapist here.


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