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Would you like to have healthy glowing skin? The perfect physique? A healthier diet?… of course you would. Lucky for you we scour the web so you don’t have to and post some of the best ways to get that perfect lifestyle right here in the SkinBase™ blog.

Why night-time is an important time for your skin

Why night-time is an important time for your skin

A good night’s sleep is essential for your skin, and not just because it helps keep dark circles at bay. As we sleep our skin undertakes essential repair and renewal processes, which are vital for a healthy, youthful complexion. But what can we do to help...

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SkinBase top beauty tip: bring spa relaxation home…

Oh how we love a spa day! Unless you have the luxury of popping in for your weekly piece of relaxation bliss (we don’t hate you, honestly) you probably only get the ultimate luxury for special occasions, Mother’s Day or when a girlfriend is preparing for her wedding with a spa day.

This week we’ve sourced a little piece of spa heaven you can recreate yourself, so lie back, put on your most relaxing tunes and indulge with our top tip…

Secrets to celebrity skin – Naomi Campbell loves microdermabrasion!

Our favorite celebs look flawless every time they step out on the red carpet. Harper’s Bazaar spoke with the skincare gurus behind these perfect complexions and got their top tips for perfect, glowing skin and guess what? Naomi Campbell’s facialist only tells all that microdermabrasion is the best way to get glorious, glowing skin, read on to see exactly what she prescribes…

London Magazine Editor says SkinBase is “Really quite incredible…”

Editor of Luxury Guide ‘The London Magazine’ Olivia Skinbase reviewed the SkinBase Facial this week, resulting in an amazing outcome…

See what she had to say about her treatment and the incredible instant results she saw – we guarentee you’ll be pretty amazed.

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Treat your mum – book her in for a luxury microdermabrasion facial now…

Uh oh! Have you just received this into your inbox and suddenly thought…MOTHER’S DAY TOMORROW? No fear SkinBase beauties, we’ve got a simple solution you can sort right now, from your bed no less!

Click on ‘Find a Therapist‘, get your nearest salons sent through, call them and book mummy in for a luxury microdermabrasion treatment.

Hey presto! You’re the best daughter / son in the world again.

Give her a real treat – find a therapist here.

SkinBase in luxury Sheerluxe Magazine

Hello rave reviews! We’re so delighted that luxury lifestyle mahazine Sheerluxe have chosen to review The SkinBase Facial.

Not only are we one of the only facial treatments to have been included in the mag, the team at Sheerluxe loved the ‘model skin’ SkinBase facial so much that they want to write an indepth blog on us too!

Take a look to see what they said…

SkinBase top beauty tip: The DIY Pedicure

For this weeks top beauty tip, we’ve focused our attention on tough tootsies rather than perfecting a beautifully smooth face.

Fancy treating yourself to a DIY pedicure?

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Dark under eye circles and bags – is there a cure?

Dark circles under the eyes can leave us looking and feeling tired and aged – just like when we notice eye wrinkles or grey hair. There’s lots of different reasons we might develop dark under eye circles – ranging from illness to lack of sleep, allergies or hereditary reasons.

We’ve dug out lots of hints and tips for getting rid of those tiresome dark circles which will hopefully leave you looking and feeling brighter!

Less beast, more beauty – male beauty treatments on the increase

Men’s grooming has come to the forefront of beauty magazines in the last decade. The beginning of the “new man” and the “metrosexual” has meant that there is more pressure on men to look their best.

In the past few years, the attention men are paying to their skin and looks has escalated more than anyone ever thought it would, but why are more men feeling the need to enter the beauty industry and try it out for themselves?

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Flipping Delicious! American Blueberry Pancakes

Happy Shrove Tuesday SkinBase fans!

Thanks to Good Food Magazine for these mouth wateringly delicious American Blueberry Pancakes (we know they’re naughty – but with our glorious superfood friend the blueberry a key ingredient, we’ve managed to convince ourselves it’s worth the calories…)

SkinBase Top Beauty Tip: The best ‘come get me’ eyes

Going out this weekend? Take a look at our top tip for the most beautiful ‘come get me’ eyes to round off the week.

Top tip:

If your eye or lip pencil is too soft and crumbly it can be difficult to achieve a strong line. Solve this by placing the pencil in the freezer for a few minutes, then gently run a line over the back of your hand to warm it up slightly. Now line your eyes or lips with a perfect stroke of colour

SkinBase Focus: Dull & Tired Skin

It’s Friday and we don’t know about you, but we. are. exhausted. Anyone else look in the mirror today expecting to see a face which echoed that Friday feeling and left feeling sorely disappointed at the bags, break outs and dull skin staring back at them?

Help you skin catch up with your mood in just 30 minutes…

Win a Mother’s Day treat by entering our Vogue magazine competition now!

Does your mum deserve a pamer this Mother’s Day (If you’re wondering, it falls on March 18th this year!)

We love our mum’s at SkinBase, and this year we think it’s about time they got some 5 star treatment themselves. So it’s simple, simply visit and then click on the ‘sign up for offers’ tab at the top of the page. Within the next three weeks, we’ll be picking a winner at random.

The winner and their lovely mum will then be treated to a chauffered trip in a Rolls Royce to a SkinBase salon nearby, where you will both receive a complimentary treatment and enjoy some real mother, daughter bonding time.

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