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Salon Turnaround show

Watch The £200 Salon Turnaround

The £200 Salon Turnaround

Following in the footsteps of shows such as Kitchen Nightmares and Mary Queen of Shops, The Salon Turnaround sees a team of beauty business experts go in to help struggling and underperforming salons transform their business in only 2 weeks, and for just £200. With extensive experience within the Industry, our experts will offer their help and advice and show that with the right changes and only a small investment a complete turnaround can be made in just two weeks.

Watch it now

SkinBase MD Richard Faulkner features in this new concept TV show with Liz McKeon. Watch the Salon Turnaround now. The challenge was to work with a salon and double the profit in two weeks for less than £200. Find out if they did it. Click the link here to get access to the Pilot Episode.


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