Think of the luxury SkinBase microdermabrasion and you’ll likely envisage a treatment that is centred around treating skin problems on the face – acne, fine lines, dull and tired skin etcetera etcetera! In the past, we’ve shown a little of SkinBase microdermabrasion’s versatility when used on stretch marks and pigmentation on the body. Today, we have seen yet another brilliant use of Microdermabrasion by one of our SkinBase therapists at Jessell’s Beauty. SkinBase microdermabrasion as part of a luxury pedicure to get rid of unsightly rough skin on the feet. Genius!

Luxury Microdermabrasion Pedicure

That’s right, microdermabrasion incorporated into a pedicure for an indulgent and very effective treatment. Microdermabrasion reaches all the nooks and crannies, effectively removing the build-up of skin that you often see on the heels.

SkinBase microdermabrasion for your feet - SkinBase

Just look at the difference! They serve us well but our poor feet deserve a treat too. What better way than with a luxury microdermabrasion pedicure? Why not ask your nearest therapist about SkinBase microdermabrasion and see if they can include as part of your next luxury pedicure? Find your nearest therapist here. 

Here’s to beautiful feet!

SkinBase x

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