How your skin can survive hangover season

Whilst we have all just about made it into work with the hangover from hell, no amount of acting bubbly is going to disguise your skin looking and feeling lousy. Here are our top tips to help your skin look that little bit more human….

With the festive season almost in full swing, the office Christmas party on the horizon and Christmas market trips turning into an ‘accidental’ all day session, you may feel like you have a nuclear hangover most of the time during December. But there is no need for your skin to suffer the same fate.

Whilst we have all just about made it into work with the hangover from hell, no amount of acting bubbly is going to disguise your skin looking lousy. Here are our top tips to help you look (and feel) that little bit more human…

Start with great skin

It goes without saying that if you begin with great skin, then maintenance is going to be that little bit easier. Start now and invest in SkinBase microdermabrasion facials every 7 – 10 days until the two-week Christmas binge. Your makeup will glide on and you’ll feel fantastic (at least until the following morning!)

Remember to take your makeup off

No one wants to wake up with panda eyes like Ozzy Osborne, so start as you mean to go on and remove your makeup before you hit the hay – regardless of how much you really can’t be bothered! Sleeping in your makeup can result in exposure to free radicals. These can break down collagen in the skin and lead to long-term sagging, wrinkles and premature ageing – is it really worth it for that extra five minutes effort?

Exfoliate your skin

The quickest way to give your skin a post night out wake up call is by exfoliating. This will remove any dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and pump blood to the surface of the skin, boosting circulation and giving your skin some much needed colour.

Rehydrate your skin

Whilst those extra three double gin and slimline may have seemed like a good idea at the time, excessive alcohol is a notorious dehydrator, robbing skin of Vitamin A and making it look tired, grey, and dull, resulting in ageing skin. To improve your tired and hungover complexion, be sure to hydrate from the inside out, by drinking bucket fulls of water. Also, concentrate on the outside, moisturising your full body to rehydrate. If your budget stretch, natural coconut water great as a hydration – so pick up a large carton on the way to work.

Add some colour

There are times, like the morning after a heavy night, when your skin is screaming out for some colour. Add some much needed colour to your cheeks with a sweep of bronzer and a flash of blusher. This will stop your skin from looking dull and grey. If you’re headed for the Christmas party, it’s well worth investing in a good spray tan – hungover or not, everyone looks healthier with that bronzed glow!

Now you are fully equipped to tackle the hangover from hell with a good skincare regime. Now all you need to sort is that inevitable banging headache.

Good luck

SkinBase x