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Why you should exercise to keep your skin super healthy…

With the over indulgent festive period fast approaching it is easy to give your gym session a miss and add it to your long list of new year’s resolutions. Most of us would restrict the benefit of exercise to the improving cardiovascular health, building muscle and sculpting rock hard abs. However, exercise has ‘above-the-neck’ benefits too. Here is a sneaky peek at the benefits of exercising, which may just encourage you to ramp up your regime and make sure you feel really ready for the party season.

Picture perfect skin

By exercising, you open up the arteries, encouraging collagen production and pumping blood to the surface of the skin. This, in turn, will prevent premature ageing, leaving your skin looking younger. To give your skin the extra boost it deserves, try our SkinBase Facial microdermabrasion, which will gently fire tiny crystals at your skin to encourage collagen production, revitalising your skin, giving you the extra confidence for that all important Christmas party. We can’t promise wonders the morning after though…

Increase relaxation

Ever hit the hay after a long spin class or weight session at the gym?  Here’s the science; if you exercise hours before going to bed, core body temperature rises. A few hours later the body temperature has decreased and regulated signalling, thus inducing sleep.

Reduce stress

After a long, tough day in the office, sometimes the instinctive reaction is to go home, drink a bottle of wine and wallow in self-pity on the sofa. Fight the urge and get yourself to the gym. Working up a sweat can relieve physical and mental stress by releasing endorphins to generate feelings of euphoria. Win-win!

Get out into the great outdoors

Whilst temperatures outside at this time of year, may seem unappealing to say the least, give it a try to boost your self-esteem. Whether it is walking, mountain biking, kayaking or skiing, outside exercise allows your skin to soak in vitamin D, combating depressive symptoms.

With our tips, you will not only have enviable abs, but beautiful and glowing skin to match.

Good luck,

SkinBase X


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