Merry Christmas

We haven’t so much as glanced at a cheese board yet. It’s getting closer to Christmas and it’s sure to happen soon. It’s not called a Merry Christmas for nothing. We know it’s going to be hard to resist all that lovely food over Christmas so we plan to just enjoy it and indulge a little. Everything in moderation, is that how the saying goes?

We’ll be back in 2017

We’ll be back in the New Year with some great tips to undo the damage. If all that cheese plays havoc with your skin we’ve got some fabulous treatments to sort it so don’t panic. If you can’t wait that long find your nearest SkinBase therapist here.

More beauty tips to whet your appetite

Whatever your plans over the festive period, enjoy!  From all here at SkinBase HQ, have a Merry Christmas. We’re all out of tips for this year and we’re off to take a well deserved break. You should join us.

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