You can wave goodbye to the long balmy summer days; sorry to break it to you but with the supermarkets stocked with all things Christmas, winter is well and truly here. Whilst we go through the annual tradition of replacing our summer dresses with winter cardigans, we should also think about making an important change to our beauty regime. With freezing temperatures and bitter winds, we need to make the upgrade from a light lotion or gel to a hydrating moisturiser.

Here are some tips to ensure your skin remains plump and hydrated during the drying winter months….

Make sure your moisturiser has added sun protection

Unless dry, lacklustre, dull-looking skin is your desired look this year, make sure you choose a moisturiser that has sufficient UV protection. Whilst the sun may not be prominent, the UV rays damage collagen in the skin that can cause premature ageing as well as fine lines and wrinkles.

Ensure the lipid content of your moisturiser is high

The skin requires both water and oil to function. Throughout the winter months, the skin suffers an oil depletion, resulting in often damaged, dry and acne prone skin prone skin. To combat this, make the shift to an oil based moisturiser in the winter months to ensure your skin is sufficiently hydrated and glowing.

Allow your product to really sink in

It’s all very well having a highly hydrating moisturiser, but it will only be of real benefit if your skin is prepped and ready to soak it all up. Make sure you have regular SkinBase Facials to really clean your skin and make sure any product you apply works with maximum effect.

Get out the glow booster

The harsh winter light and shorter days can leave skin falling into the trap of looking grey and dull. Here at SkinBase, we have just the solution; add a little highlighter to your moisturiser before application.

Make the transition from a balm to a cream

If you suffer from dry skin in the winter months, your skin can feel never quite satisfied by using just moisturiser. This can be caused by a number of factors, such as a chilly wind or dehydrating central heating, to name a few. If your skin is feeling particularly parched why not try a balm? Not only does a balm soothe and nourish skin it also creates a barrier to defend the skin against all things winter.

So now you are sure to survive the winter months with beautiful glowing skin!

Good luck,

SkinBase X

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