Five healthy habits to get ready for bikini season

It’s not often we focus our blog on fitness here at SkinBase, but with bikini season edging ever closer, we’ve pulled some tips together to incorporate in daily life and help you feel amazing this summer, and beyond!

It’s not often we focus our blog on fitness here at SkinBase, but with summer upon us, it would appear that bikini season is edging ever closer! So if you’re keen to kick start healthy habits, before you ruin it all on the cosmopolitans and general overindulgence, then you’ve come to the right place! Read on for five healthy tips to incorporate into daily life and help you feel amazing this summer, and beyond!

1. Don’t miss workouts

In my opinion, doing some kind of physical activity is always better than doing nothing – even a regular fifteen-minute workout can help make a positive difference. So, once you’ve planned a workout into your day, try to never skip it. We aren’t suggesting that you have to work out every day and not ever have a rest day as rest days are healthy and very important for your body. But, try and make a promise to yourself to work out a certain number of days per week and stick to this healthy habit.

2. Make sure your workouts are exciting and full of variety

People often get bored of exercise if they are doing the same thing every day so instead try and vary your workout challenges to include the heart, muscles, lungs and keep your body guessing. Although running three miles every day will help to keep you active, once your body and mind get used to it, it won’t have any wondrous effects. Shaking up your routine will help to take your fitness and progress to the next level. There are so many innovative, fun and exciting exercises out there from Ballet Bod fitness classes to Metafit and Insanity so you will be spoilt for choice!

3. Hang up the hang-ups!

EVERYBODY has hang-ups, so it’s important to avoid comparing your body to other people’s bodies and accept that every person is different – even the supermodels who grace the catwalks have hang-ups! Aim to be in the best shape you can be and lead a healthy lifestyle, and you’ll soon find there is no reason to compare yourself to others.

4. Learn to love sleep

Sleep is often underrated; yet it is vital for beauty and health. When you are asleep, muscles repair themselves following a workout and give you enough energy to work out to the best of your ability. Ensuring you get enough sleep is also critical for a strong immune system, a healthy metabolism, and anti-ageing.

5. H20hhhh not H2Noooo

Just like getting enough sleep, drinking enough water is up there when it comes to health and beauty – but the power of both are often underestimated! Getting the right amount of H20 will keep you hydrated and curb your appetite throughout the day, as well as replacing the water lost through sweat when you workout. Zigic