Water is amazing for health and beauty alike – so why is it that so many of us are not drinking enough? In this blog, we explore five of the biggest benefits associated with drinking more water. Read on to find out more about the humble yet simply brilliant H2O!

1) Helps to eliminate toxins

Water is an amazing tool when it comes to ridding the body of nasty toxins and other harmful waste from the lymphatic system, intestines and kidneys. Drinking more water will help to flush your system and help to prevent uncomfortable symptoms of a clogged lymphatic system, which can include tiredness and other health problems. By giving your liver and kidneys more fluid, they will be able to do their jobs to the optimum level and in turn you’ll reap the numerous rewards.

2) Maintain a healthy weight

If you’re trying to lose weight and find that despite your best efforts to eat healthy it just won’t shift – it could be that you are not drinking enough water. Drinking enough water assists with the regulation of appetite, as we often mistake hunger for thirst. When the body is getting enough water, metabolism functions at its most optimal level, helping to maintain a healthy body weight or support weight loss efforts.

3) Increases energy levels

That slow time of day, that mid-afternoon slump, when yawning is the only activity that is enabling you to stay awake, is not because you had a late night, or that you are completely exhausted, it is more likely that you are suffering from a mild form of dehydration. But make sure you stay away from the coffee and instead reach for a glass of water or two. Believe us, this simple action will help you feel more awake and alert.

4) Healthy skin

Having a glowing complexion, free of blackheads and blemishes is an instant confidence boost and something we would all like. Drinking enough water will have a massive impact on helping achieve this as it helps to flush out the toxins and keep your skin looking fresh and healthy, every day.

5) Water for your brain

In order for your brain to function properly, and have effective electrical functioning, it requires the right amount of water. It is estimated that the human brain gives off the same amount of electricity as a 60 watt light bulb does, and imagine how difficult it must be to get all that work done without enough fuel? Giving your brain enough water is another motivating factor to drink more water.

  • If you find water a bit bland, why not try one of these refreshing and delicious water infused recipes to inject a little excitement and help you on your way to drinking more water? Thanks to BuzzFeed for these inspiring recipes, yum yum!

    Image: Thepeachkitchen.com

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