Are Pimple Patches Good?

Pimples always seem to appear at the worst time, in the most inconvenient places. Are pimple patches good for the skin? Let’s find out! 

Pimples always seem to appear at the worst time, in the most inconvenient places. It can be tempting to pop pimples to help clear them up and get rid of them quicker. However, that can do more damage than good. So, are pimple patches good for clearing up the skin? Let’s find out!

What are Pimple Patches?

Before deciding ‘are pimple patches good?’ Let’s first understand what they actually are. Pimple patches are stickers containing hydrocolloid gel to enhance wound healing. By covering the spot, the patches prevent picking, preventing further damage or trauma to the skin. They also absorb any liquid from the pimple, to dry it out and speed up the healing.

How Pimple Patches Are Used 

Pimple patches are best applied on a dry surface, so the adhesive can firmly attach to the skin. Leave it on for the recommended amount of time – usually a few hours, or overnight if you are sleeping in it. After the recommended time, peel it off and check out your skin. Often, the absorbed liquid is visible, showing what has been extracted from the pimple.

Are Pimple Patches Good? 

So, are pimple patches good? When used alongside nourishing, consistent skincare and professional treatments, they can be a useful addition to your skincare routine. However, they do work best on open lesions, and are not effective for deeper lesions or blackheads. If you have sensitive skin, check the ingredients, as the adhesive or active ingredients may irritate the skin.

Find Your Nearest Therapist

Remember – prevention is always best. The stickers do not treat acne, they simply help to heal active lesions on the skin. They may be no help for more severe acne symptoms, such as pustules or cysts. If you do suffer from acne, it is worth finding out what the cause is, and how to treat it. Find your nearest SkinBase Therapist here for skin advice from a professional. Find out more with the SkinBase Ultimate Guide to Acne.

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