We are a big fan of beauty shortcuts here at SkinBase – after all, who doesn’t enjoy saving precious time when getting ready for work after you’ve slept in, or when your short of time before a big night out. But, be careful, while some might be helpful time savers, there are some shortcuts that should always be avoided and we’ll explore them in this blog.

Going to bed without removing your makeup

So it’s been a long night and you are desperate to hit the zzzzzs, so much so that you’re tempted to go to bed with your makeup still in tact… sound familiar? But don’t do it! While it might seem like the easy option at the time, it can have a really negative impact on the condition of your skin. So before you hit the hay in future, make sure you get into the regular habit of removing all traces of makeup. You’ll wake up looking and feeling more refreshed and your skin will thank you for it.

Straightening your hair while it’s still wet

No doubt we’ve all been tempted to style hair with straighteners while still wet, but did you know it is likely to damage your hair and increase likelihood of dryness, split ends and breakage. So, unless your styling weapon of choice is designed for wet to dry styling (and not many are), avoid!

Popping pimples

Dreaded spots, we all suffer from them at some point, but popping pimples and squeezing spots in the hope that they’ll go away quicker couldn’t be further from the truth. Squeezing your spots can cause bacteria to spread and in some cases result in scarring too. So it’s best to leave your pimples alone and instead ensure you are sticking to a good beauty routine which will help to reduce their appearance.

Scrimping on sunscreen

Sunscreen is the number one thing you shouldn’t scrimp on if you want your skin to look its best now and in years to come. Wear sunscreen, or SPF makeup, when you’re outdoors to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. A little bit of extra time and effort spent putting on sunscreen is nothing compared to the increased risk of getting skin cancer.

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