We love the natural look but some of us can feel a little shy when it comes to going bare. It might be that we don’t feel as pretty, or worry about our imperfections. How nice would it be not to worry and revel in revealing our true beauty? Well now’s the time to go au naturel with our top tips, and here’s how:

1) Top up your Vitamin C levels

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Vitamin C, in any form, is perfect for providing the body with powerful antioxidants which protect skin from damaging free-radicals. Drinking Vitamin C loaded drinks such as a tall glass of orange juice or a warm water with fresh lemon will certainly do you good, you can also benefit from applying vitamin C directly to the skin. Vitamin C enriched facial creams can help boost collagen levels, reduce the appearance of spots and inflammation and fade post-breakout red marks.

2) No touchy touchy!

We’ve all been there… that big spot which is just too tempting to leave alone – am I right? But picking at blemishes, or touching your skin, moves bacteria around the face which is not good for healthy skin! Also, because the skin on your face is so delicate skin, pulling and tugging at your face causes it to be less elastic, which could lead to wrinkles. So, what we are trying to say is don’t touch your face except when absolutely necessary!

3) Exfoliate

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Exfoliation is a brilliant way to keep skin looking fresh and glowing. It works by removing dirt, dead skin and can help to reduce clogged pores. If we don’t exfoliate, it can lead to skin looking dull and tired because all of that dead skin on the surface prevents light from reflecting. But please don’t be too rough on your skin! Instead choose a gentle exfoliating product. Spread the substance you’re your face, and gently massage the skin for a few minutes and then rinse clean with cool water to close the pores. You should aim to exfoliate your skin about twice a week.

4) Use toner

Toner should definitely be in your cleansing routine on a daily basis. Using toner can help to balance the pH levels, which helps to even out your complexion. Choose an alcohol-free toner will ensure you don’t dry out your skin. Having a nice, even skin tone reduces the need to cake on makeup to try to hide uneven colouring.

5) Say no to cigarettes

It goes without saying that smoking is bad for you. Not only the serious health implications but it also happens to contribute to dry skin and premature wrinkles. Smoking deprives the skin of oxygen and damages precious collagen and elastin, two fibres that create elasticity in the skin. It’s difficult to quit smoking, so don’t be afraid to get help if you need it; you skin and your lungs will be grateful.

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