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Six simple ways to give your skin a gorgeous glow…

No amount of makeup can beat a natural gorgeous glow. When your skin is glowing, you look instantly and effortlessly beautiful and radiant, more alive and ready to face the day.  We would all like skin that is radiant and glowing and makes us look healthy, well-rested, and youthful. And guess what? There are quite a few ways you can get that glow without a lot of effort. These tips can help do it for you. Let’s go!

1) Aim to eat more soy

You might be thinking how the hell do I incorporate soy into my diet? Well it’s easier than you might think and what’s more, soy boosts collagen production, vital for helping to keep your face healthy looking and glowing. To incorporate soy into your diet substitute (where possible) your usual milk for soy milk, and try tasty tofu or moreish edamame beans.

2) Use cool rather than hot water

There is nothing I love more than a hot and steamy shower but do you know what? I bet my skin would beg to differ! It’s probably no surprise, and you’re likely to have heard before, that a hot shower isn’t a good idea. Reason being, hot water strips the skin of its natural oils, the very ones that give us that dewy look and instead leaves skin dried out and dull in appearance. If you really crave that inner and outer glow, it’s time to take a trip over to lukewarm. Make sure to apply moisturiser while your skin is still a little damp too.

3) Don’t forget your neck

Why is it we always forget about our neck? I mean it’s there on show, just like our face and isn’t the easiest to cover up unless you’re a fan of the polo neck… the skin on your neck is delicate and requires just as much care as your face does so we should aim to care for it the same way we do our face. If you give your neck the attention it deserves, your face will stand out with even more of a glow. It’s easy enough to look after your neck, just make sure you apply the facial products you use on your face, down on to your neck and decolletage area as well.

4) Get moving!

So you’ve just finished a spin class or a big walk with the dog. Fair enough you may look a little hot and sweaty but you can’t deny the glow and radiance it leaves your skin with afterwards. Your body eliminates toxins through your sweat when you exercise and not only that but it also gets your blood flowing and boosts your circulation. Undoubtedly the most natural way to get your glow going. Just as important as moving more is ensuring you get enough rest. Sleep can work wonders for the skin.

5) Drink more water

Let us not forget the easiest, cheapest way to get your skin glow on. Water, drink lots of it. 8 glasses is a great start and keeping yourself hydrated (your more than 60% water), will keep your skin hydrated and hydrated skin = healthy, glowing skin.

6) Collagen Lift

Collagen is vital in keeping your skin supple, soft and youthful looking and so our collagen inducing treatment is perfect to get glowing skin. Collagen Lift stimulates the body’s own natural production of collagen and elastin to reverse the effects of skin ageing – and it’s seriously effective!

image:istock.com/Holubenko Nataliia

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