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keep getting spots

Why do you keep getting spots in the same place?

This is a question that puzzles many people. Why do you keep getting spots in the same place? Well, it’s a quandary we can help to answer.

Face Mapping

If you haven’t heard this term before, face mapping is a 3,000 year old ancient Chinese practice.  It involves reading the symptoms shown on the face to identify corresponding issues elsewhere in the body. Each area of the face translates to imbalances and issues in different areas.

How does this help you we hear you say?

Well, if we can identify what is causing breakouts in the same area we can do something about it. Although we are in the business of selling treatments we also want you to get to the root cause of your skin concerns. This is what every therapist wants for their client. So let’s take a look at some common areas for breakouts and what each area means…

The Forehead

An imbalance in the digestive system has links to the forehead area. A poor diet could be the cause of spots around this area. In other words, you might be eating too much rubbish. If you notice spots in this area, clean up your diet, drink plenty of water and ditch the sugary snacks. Take a probiotic to try and balance out your gut. Increase stress levels can also show up as breakouts on the forehead. Get more sleep, destress and bring down those cortisol levels.

The Chin

You can thank your hormones for this one. Spots along the jawline and around the chin link to the hormonal and reproductive system. If you tend to get breakouts in the areas at certain times of the month or when under stress this could be the cause. Before your period, a drop in hormones can cause your sebaceous glands to secrete more sebum. Use a clay mask during this time to deal with any excess oil. We recommend a microdermabrasion treatment around this time to help keep pores clear and breakouts at bay.

microdermabrasion acne before and after

The Nose

Chinese face mapping links spots in this area to heart blockages and cholesterol issues. However, we know this area contains a lot of sebaceous glands which produce oil and block the pores causing blackheads. A short course of microdermabrasion should sort this out but it’s well worth looking at your diet and exericse for changes you can make to improve your heart function (take advice from your GP if there is an underlying issue) and cholesterol levels.

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