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Are You Drinking Enough Water?

We’re pretty certain we’ve talked about this before but that’s because it really is important to drink enough water. Here’s why and how much we recommend…

Did you know you lose water even by breathing? It’s not much but when you add it to what you lose by sweating, crying, and going to the loo, you start to see why staying hydrated is so important.


De-hydration can give you headaches and make you feel tired. It also affects your skin. This is because your body uses the liquid it has available to hydrate your vital organs first. That means connective tissue like collagen doesn’t get the water it needs.

As a result, your skin becomes sallow and dry and wrinkles appear. Incredibly, it also leads to oil production. Your skin uses oil as a liquid when there’s not enough water. And, as you know oily skin means spots and/or acne breakouts.


Drinking plenty of water will keep your body hydrated so you’ll feel less tired. Plus, you’ll get the benefit of hydrated skin.

Skin that has plenty of moisture improves your blood flow which will help to keep your complexion bright and your skin tone even.

Collagen production relies on water. Good collagen production produces the volume in your face so you are less likely to get premature lines and wrinkles. Balanced water levels also mean less oil so your skin will stay clear for longer.

How much should you drink?

Don’t drink too much as this can be dangerous. The NHS advice is to consume between 6 and 8 glasses of liquid a day. This is about 2 litres. It’s healthier to drink water, but any liquid can be included. That includes soup, tea, coffee and sugar-free drinks.

Check your wee

A good way to check your hydration level is to look at your wee. That’s right, this non-scientific method is a pretty accurae way to tell if you are drinking enough water. If it’s pale, straw-coloured or clear that’s a sign that you are hydrated sufficiently. Dark coloured urine could mean you’re not drinking enough.


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