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Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Advice from SkinBase™ – the UK’s leading microdermabrasion treatment – on reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles to reveal a younger-looking you.

Before & Afters

SkinBase Transformations – An Update…

Oh hello. Just thought we’d update you. Last week, we posted the before and after after just ONE SkinBase treatment, now look at the improvement after just two! Shared with us by independent SkinBase therapist Alison from Beauty by Alison in Kilmarnock. Just two SkinBase microdermabrasion treatments down and her client must be absolutely delighted with the results – forehead lines have practically disappeared, skin tone is clear and glowing and pigmentation issues have been resolved.

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Look as young
Ageing Skin

Don’t you want to see my ID? Look as young as you feel and get rid of fine lines & wrinkles

When did it happen? Was it during the night, or on that particularly heavy weekend in the South of France? Perhaps it was when you drove half way down the country only to realise you’d forgotten your mobile phone / the dog / one of the children?

When did the bouncers in clubs stop asking for ID and the woman in your local supermarket barely glance your way as she swiped her card at the self serve checkouts which flashed to ‘check your age’? Fine lines and wrinkles can make us feel significantly older than we feel, yet there are ways we can target them…

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Beauty News

Surprising things that might be giving you wrinkles

While some causes of wrinkles are obvious, there are some which are lesser known, mainly because you don’t even realise you’re using your facial muscles at the time. In this blog, we will explore three of the daily activities which may be causing fine lines and wrinkles.

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blotchy skin
Acne & Acne Scarring

Get juicy – improve red, blotchy skin and Rosacea

The second installment of our juice diets to tackle skin problems, our friends at Stylist magazine shared their wisdom on juices specifically to tackle red, rosy and blotchy Rosacea effected skintones.

Here’s some of the most delicious and nutricious juice combos around…


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Acne & Acne Scarring

Does microdermabrasion work as an anti-ageing treatment?

Are you starting to notice a fine line here, a wrinkle there? Then don’t worry, you’re in very good company. Many women are self-conscious when it comes to ageing and as much as we are preached at to grow old gracefully, sometimes the ageing process can be a bitter pill to swallow.

One of the questions we are asked most is does The SkinBase Facial™ work as a successful anti-ageing treatment. Put simply, the answer is yes. Read more to find out if it can work for you.

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Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Easy daily tips to enhance your natural beauty…

Some days, I wonder why I bother with makeup at all, when it’s so much easier to be a natural beauty. Foundation and bronzer, concealer and eye shadow… it’s just too much! If you’re ready to take the plunge and go natural, these tips will help! Let’s go!

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Acne & Acne Scarring

Glowing skin and how to make the most of minimal make up…

If you’ve already tried the SkinBase facial, we don’t need to tell you that after even one session, your skin will be brighter, tighter and glowing with good health.

We reccommed you try and leave your skin completely clean for as long as possible (bar the mandatory SPF – if we’ve told you once, we’ve told you a thousand times…), but if you want to add just a little glamour to your party look then take our minimal make up tips for maximum fresh faced appeal…

From using lip balm as a cream blusher, to using ice cubes as the answer to pore free tanning, read our top 3 make up tips here…

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