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Surprising things that might be giving you wrinkles

It’s well known that the likes of smoking, sun damage and getting older are all key factors in the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, but there are some common wrinkle-causing actions that you’re probably doing regularly, without even realising it.

Scary isn’t it, but the truth is that pretty much anything that causes the facial muscles to contract can, with repeated use, cause wrinkles – just like the way paper creases deeper and deeper every time it’s folded. While some causes of wrinkles are obvious, there are some which are lesser known, mainly because you don’t even realise you’re using your facial muscles at the time. In this blog, we will explore three of the daily activities which may be causing fine lines and wrinkles.

1. Applying makeup

Hard to believe isn’t it!? But look at the face you’re making in the mirror, the next time you’re applying eyeliner, mascara or eyeshadow. A raise of the eyebrows can create lines across the forehead, and over time, the lines will become permanent, even when your face is resting.

2. Sipping through a straw

We’ve heard of the little lines that can form around the mouth from smoking and the repeat pursing of the lips. But who would have thought drinking through a straw could do the same? The tighter you purse your lips, and the harder your contract those muscles, the deeper the lines will be.

3. Tech-neck

Not familiar with this new phrase? Well, this term describes wrinkles around the neck, which are caused by staring down at your phone all day. A wrinkly neck is sure to age your appearance quickly so pay attention to the creases and folds that form when you’re peering down at your email and try and limit this in future.

So, how do you combat these issues? Simply, try to do these movements as little as possible. Instead of sipping through a straw, drink straight from your glass. Keep off your phone as much as possible and when you need to be on it (let’s face it, we are all pretty attached to our phones!) hold it at eye level each time you check your email (or more likely Facebook or Instagram). And make sure you invest in a good skincare regimen.


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