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Pre-Wedding Skin Transformation

A Guide to Your Pre-Wedding Skin Transformation!

Our social calendars are going to be jam-packed with wedding celebrations as we return to ‘normal’ life and enjoy a little post-pandemic freedom. It is finally time to share the love as cancelled nuptials get their moment in the spotlight, and couples get to say those two little words. It’s not too late for a Pre-Wedding Skin Transformation


As we enter the 2022 wedding boom, with a predicted 2.5 million weddings expected this year, the highest amount since 1984, it is safe to assume you’re going to be at one (or many!) Whether you’re scheduled to be an honoured guest or you’re the blushing bride herself, make sure you’ve considered pre-wedding skincare to master the radiant glow.


As a bride, with the stress of saying Yes to the perfect dress taking up your time, you might not have even considered ensuring you have the perfect canvas for the big day. Your skin is a long-term commitment like any other wedding decision. So, a skin transformation in the lead up is the perfect confidence boost for a day you’ll never forget. Exfoliate away those Bridezilla feelings with a course of SkinBase Microdermabrasion! Taking time for yourself is always important, and your future self will thank you for the monthly moments of peace with your skincare therapist every time you look in the mirror!

The Microdermabrasion process removes dead skin cells from your skin’s outer layers with a stream of crystals. Then, mild suction removes any debris to provide countless benefits! Microdermabrasion improves the appearance of acne, uneven skin, and fine lines, as well as a host of other issues! The dual action treatment is non-invasive and chemical-free. Therefore, you’ll feel perfectly pampered as you count down the days.


We know it is not just the bride who feels stressed as the wedding preparation tasks pile up. As a member of the bridal party, you’re sure to be taking on extra responsibilities to lessen the load. While you work towards creating the perfect day for I do’s, commit yourself to a course of IPL, and you too can shine on the big day. Intense Pulsed Light treatments use wavelengths of light to improve the appearance of skin. IPL successfully treats acne, unwanted hair, and a range of other conditions. Also, the non-surgical approach means there’s no need to take any time out from planning! Find your nearest SkinBase therapist now and make some more memories with the bride before she becomes a Mrs.

Whatever role you play in this year’s wedding boom, treat yourself to a pre-wedding skin transformation. Level up your skincare routine with our range of award-winning, non-surgical treatments that are guaranteed to put you on your path to perfect skin before you walk down the aisle.

NEW Beauty Guide

And to really get your transformation results supercharged we’ve put together a brand new beauty guide with all our best tips to help transform your skin even more. Download it now !

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