Showers vs Baths – Which is Better for the Skin?

Cleansing is a vital part of a full body skincare routine, but showers vs baths – which is better? Let’s find out.

Cleansing is a vital part of a full body skincare routine, but showers vs baths – which is better? Baths and showers have different purposes, but the benefits of a shower outweigh those of a bath. Especially on a daily basis.

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Short Showers

Short showers are better than long baths because the skin is exposed to less water. Too much water can dehydrate the skin. This causes the skin’s barrier to break down resulting in irritation, inflammation and an increased risk of infection. Too much water can also wash away beneficial bacteria from the skin – and strip the skin of essential oils. You also get shrivelled prune-like fingers and toes! Cold showers can help you wake up in the morning. The shock increases alertness, oxygen intake and your heart rate. The cold also increases circulation which helps to reduce inflammation.

Contrast Showers

This age-old technique of standing in cold water for one minute, then hot water for the next minute has known health benefits. Alternating for three to five cycles means all the blood goes to the middle of the body. Cold restricts blood vessels and hot reopens them so the blood rushes out again. This process pumps blood through organs and muscles so it great for regeneration and detoxification.

Short Baths

If you prefer baths, keep them short – no longer than 10-15 minutes. Some skincare experts recommend limiting showering to once per day – or less – to maintain skin health. Temperature matters too. Never have it too hot because hot water strips the skin of its natural oils.

Baths for Relaxation

Despite not being as good for the skin, relaxing baths can contribute to wellbeing, relieve muscle tension and help with sleep. They stimulate the nervous system and help you relax. Adding a few drop of lavender oil helps to calm a busy mind.  Just don’t linger for too long!

Baths for Skin Conditions

If you have a skin condition – like eczema or psoriasis – adding oatmeal or bath salts to a warm bath can soothe skin and calm symptoms.

Showers vs Baths

So showers v baths? When it comes to daily skincare, short lukewarm showers are best. Showers are more hygienic because they wash contaminated water down the drain. Whichever you choose, skincare afterwards on damp skin is key. Always moisturise within 30 minutes to rehydrate the skin and lock in moisture – damp skin absorbs products more easily.

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