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Looking After Yourself

Your New Year Habit – Looking After Yourself!

It’s that time of year again and there’s something about the new year that makes us re-assess and put in place some new healthy habits, such as looking after yourself.

While sleep, diet and your beauty routine are vitally important there is one more thing you should be thinking about and that’s your wellbeing. How you feel about yourself. When you’re working hard, looking after your family and running around after other people it’s easy to forget you need looking after as well!

That’s why you should always give yourself some ‘me’ time. It might only be a precious 30 minutes, but, if you can take 30 minutes to do something just for you, then you’ll feel a whole lot better. 

What Can I do in 30 minutes I hear you say? Well how about:

A relaxing bath

Fill the bath with steamy warm water. Fill it with your favourite bath ingredient and then relax. Listen to a story on the radio, flick through your favourite magazine or listen to music. Leave your phone in the bedroom and tell anyone at home you don’t want to be disturbed. You can explain to them that it’s only going to be for 30 minutes so anything they have to say can wait that long.

Read a couple of chapters of a book

If you don’t have a book you haven’t read at home then spend your first free 20 minutes in the library or the bookshop and pick out a new novel. If this is a habit you’ve fallen out of, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to get back into. Switch off the TV for an hour, find a quiet corner with your book, or, if you don’t like reading try an audiobook or listen to something on the radio. 

Treat yourself to a Microdermabrasion session

We were obviously going to make this suggestion, weren’t we? But seriously, in 30 minutes you’ll not only feel fabulous and relaxed, but your skin will be rejuvenated. Microdermabrasion takes away dead skin cells and leaves your face looking fresher. The treatment also encourages better blood circulation and collagen growth, so over time your skin will be firmer and fine lines will be reduced.

If you want some more tips about healthy habits then download our free guide here and read more about other things you can do to look after yourself.


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