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Top tips to clear your skin after a breakout…

Breakouts can really get you down and it’s not always clear why you are suffering from them in the first place. But do not worry, follow these simple tips to keep your skin clean, and you will find that your skin will clear fairly quickly after a breakout.

Make sure your skin is always clean

We’ve all been guilty of skipping the face washing process from time to time. Maybe you’re too tired following a night out to get up and rinse your makeup off. But it is really important that you make washing your face a priority, no matter the circumstances. It’s a simple way to clear your skin after a breakout, yet it’s so easy to forget about.

Don’t touch your face

It is so tempting to pick pick pick following a breakout! When you have a breakout, there’s a fairly good chance that you just want to pick at it and pop all of your pimples. Don’t touch your face. It can be difficult to forgo, but if you do it, your skin will thank you.

Keep hydrated

Water has a massive part to play in keeping your skin clear. If you have a big event coming up and are hoping to avoid breakouts, keep hydrated. You’ll probably be really amazed at the big difference it makes to the appearance of your skin. If you’re already dealing with a breakout, try drinking a ton of water to clear your skin faster. It will definitely help speed up the process!

Choose the right product for you

Some products may induce breakouts and redness for others, while others may completely eradicate any breakouts overnight. Figuring out what works for you is a little bit of a trial-and-error process. To avoid spending a small fortune, try to keep track of the ingredients in the products you’ve already used. Often, the ingredients are the same in many facial products.


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