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Eye Bags

Top Tips to Cover Under Eye Bags

The under eye bag. Possibly the most irritating beauty concern of all time. Despite getting our prescribed eight hours (OK, so it doesn’t happen as frequently as we’d like but still, we’re trying!), drinking vast amounts of water and applying wonderful face creams. The hereditary eye bags remain. Throw in the odd cocktail, a bad night’s sleep or stress and those telltale bags are only exacerbated.

So, we searched the web and found some top tips on how to cover dark circles effectively – here goes…

Shades of brilliance.

To effectively cover dark circles, it is imperative that you choose the right tone for your skin. When choosing a concealer to cover circles, make sure you go one shade lighter than your skin (you might want to invest in a couple of concealers if you sometimes use fake tan). Going one shade lighter will brighten the area. Then, try to use the LEAST amount of product possible. We’ve all seen how awful it looks when concealer is caked under the eyes – if anything it draws more attention to the problem area, rather than less.

Brush it out.

To get the best coverage, use a small brush to apply under eye concealer. Start from the bridge of your nose and follow the small blue vein in the hollow area of your eye. Follow this tiny vein all the way around your eye, gently applying the concealer with your brush.

Blend and press

The best tool you have to blend concealer effectively is your ring finger as it has the lightest touch. Use your ring finger to finish blending your brush applied concealer, pressing lightly into the skin until it’s fully blended.

Set it.

If you tend to get oily skin, then you can also apply a small amount of setting powder to your undereye to ensure that concealer stays put. As with the concealer itself, go easy on the product to avoid creasing.

Et voila! You may know that those pesky dark circles still remain, but everyone else will be none the wiser – you’ll look bright-eyed day in, day out – regardless if you’ve enjoyed that extra cocktail!

Enjoy, SkinBase x


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