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Time For a Spring Clean?

If you’re anything like us, then one of the best parts of Spring for you will be the opportunity to indulge in a proper spring clean. Well, we want to let you in on a secret… it’s never too early to start your spring clean!

The fact is, particularly as we find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic with little control over what’s happening around us, we should be doing all we can to restore a sense of order and calm in our own lives. And for many of us, a spring clean is the perfect place to start!

The question is, Where DO You Start?

For us, the best thing to do is start small. Rather than picking an entire spare room or tackling the kitchen first, why not pick a room and then divide it up into different sections which need work. In the kitchen, for example, you could separate out your different cupboards, the fridge, the pantry, the worktops, and the floor space. 

Tackle the wardrobe

Meanwhile, in your main bedroom, consider committing an entire day to your wardrobe and clothes drawers alone; going through each of your items and assigning all those you don’t need to the charity shop or bin pile! That way you’ll find it easier to keep your wardrobes clear and clutter-free in the future, knowing everything in there is of value and is something you will wear. Plus, you’ll make room for a little extra space in which to do your daily exercise or commit to your beauty regime.

Check through your beauty items 

Remember to go through your makeup bag and beauty products and check for out of date products. Expired products are less effective and old makeup is a breeding ground for bacteria. More about this in our previous post here.

Tick it off!

We love a list, so write down all the areas to clean, organise and declutter and tick off each area as you go and – voila! Pretty soon you’ll be able to enjoy a sense of achievement AND an organised home. (Added bonus of starting in the kitchen… you might even find a little of last year’s Easter chocolate or a few Christmas treats lying forgotten at the back of a cupboard!)


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