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holiday packing

Six tips to make holiday packing less hassle…

If you’re anything like me, then holiday packing can be a real drag –  Now most of us might be holidaying in the UK this year but that doesn’t mean we don’t need some tips for packing – so here goes!

Tip #1: Write a list

Seriously, this might seem obvious but write a list of everything you need to take away with you (and add to it as you remember things) and then keep a copy of your list for future reference. I keep mine on my phone in my notes. Then, whenever I go away I just open up my list and voila! No stress, just grab everything on the list and go. You can do this for all sorts of things. I have a daily one for everything I need to remember each day (sports kits, kids clubs, who should be where and when!) I even have one for my favourite takeaway so I don’t need to do any decision making when I’m hangry!!

Tip #2: Keep a washbag ready

I have a washbag with miniature products ready in the drawer for taking away. You don’t want to have to pack a load of full-sized products taking up valuable shoe space. You can get little miniatures tubs and pots that you can decant some of your favourite beauty products in for taking away. You don’t need to be without your essentials and you don’t need to compromise on that skincare routine either!

Tip #3: Roll ’em up

Roll your clothes instead of folding to stop them from getting creased. There’s nothing worse than a top with a load of creases down the middle where it has been folded (although if this does happen a good little trick is to get the hairdryer pointed on that crease, the heat will help to get the crease out). Keep clothes smelling super fresh by adding a dryer sheet in there too.

Tip #4: Pack a couple of reusable plastic bags

Save yourself a job when you get back (and unnecessary washing) and put your dirty clothes into a separate bag once they’ve been worn so when you come back you know exactly what needs washing and what simply needs to go back in the wardrobe.

Tip # 5  Keep a plastic wallet for important documents

Keep all your important documents; booking confirmation, car hire info, insurance, contact details, passports and travel info in a plastic wallet altogether. I’m sure many of us have absent-mindedly put something important in a pocket somewhere and then had a panic when we can’t find it so make it a habit to keep all the important stuff together where you know it is.

Tip # 6 Copy down important numbers

Keep a few contact numbers copied down on paper. We’re so used to having our phones keep all our contacts we can come unstuck if it gets lost. Make sure you’re not in a panic and have a few contacts to hand.

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