Are you jetting off somewhere nice this summer? Here are some tips for packing your case as efficiently as possible.

Be smart with clothes

Roll your clothes instead of folding – this will mean that they don’t crease, and it also helps to save a bit of space because you can roll tighter than you can fold. Try to be strict about how many clothes you bring too – we all bring clothes we don’t need! Think carefully about what you actually need by considering what activities you’ve planned.  Save packing your underwear until last and use it to fill any dead spaces in your suitcase – between and inside shoes, in the corners, anywhere it’ll fit! Lastly, always wear the bulkiest pair of shoes you’re bringing on the plane to save even more room.

Take advantage of hand luggage

Most airlines actually have a fairly generous hand luggage allowance. Take full advantage of this, and pack heavy or bulky items like books, big coats and jumpers in your hand luggage to save precious weight and space in your checked bag. Make sure to read the policy of your airline though, as they all have different rules and sizes. Most airlines allow a carry-on bag plus one personal item like a handbag, but this isn’t always the case.


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Consider your cosmetics

When it comes to beauty products, we all bring more than we need, but there are ways to avoid your makeup bag pushing your suitcase over the weight limit! Boots offer a service where you can order toiletries to collect at the airport, so you can carry them on board like duty-free instead of taking up space in your baggage. There are also lots of different travel size containers available to decant moisturisers and makeup into, perfect if you’re a frequent traveller. Finally, you could also collect a few free perfume samples and mini bottles of products to bring with you.

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