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Amazing Red Carpet Beauty Secrets

Six Amazing Red Carpet Beauty Secrets

If you’re looking for an A-list glow or a flawless complexion that even Jennifer Lopez would be jealous of, you need to learn some of the most incredible insider tricks. With these amazing red carpet beauty secrets, you’ll be dazzling like a starlet in no time!

Revitalise your complexion with acids

Facial acids, such as BHA’s and AHA’s, work as exfoliators to remove dead skin cells that lead to blemishes and a dull complexion. Using an acid pad or toner in your daily skincare routine will completely transform your complexion and promote clear, glowing skin. Just remember to apply SPF before sun exposure as acids can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.

Shine like a star

To achieve youthful radiance, use a product containing hyaluronic acid. This acid helps to hydrate your skin, as well as minimising fine lines to promote a fresh appearance. Try using a hyaluronic acid serum underneath your evening moisturiser.

Brighten your eyes

An eye cream containing caffeine is ideal for minimising dark circles. However, if you want to really brighten your eyes, try mixing a brightening moisturiser with your concealer. This will make you look wide awake!

Say bye bye to imperfections

Colour correctors are the perfect tool for disguising imperfections. If you want to hide blemishes, dull skin or redness, apply a little colour correcting concealer underneath your base makeup. Try a green toned concealer on red skin or spots. For sallow skin, use a purple concealer, while a peach toned concealer will help to cover undereye circles.

Fake a bronzed glow

Turn yourself into a bronzed goddess by mixing a liquid bronzer with your foundation. This fool proof method will give a luminous look that isn’t patchy or orange. For your body, try accentuating your collarbone and shoulders with a little highlighter.

SkinBase ‘Facelift’ facial

After giving up injectables Kylie credits her youthful and glowing complexion to regular collagen boosting treatments like Radio Frequency. Radio Frequency is the latest offering from SkinBase. A growing network of salons now offer this treatment. Celebrity fans of Radio Frequency treatments include Amanda Holden, Nicole Scherzinger and Spice Girl Mel B. This is one celebrity facial certain to stay around.

The SkinBase RF facial gives clients an alternative to invasive treatments like injectables™. During treatment, the therapist applies a gel to the skin and a ceramic wand heats the skin to 40 degrees. This is the temperature required for the skin to produce more collagen. Radio frequency offers immediate skin tightening, wrinkle removal, and jowl lifting results. A Radio Frequency facial treats the entire face (including the eye area) and neck. RF is also an effective body treatment for lifting and tightening.
Contact us here to find your nearest centre offering radio frequency treatments.

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