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Radio frequency explained

Radio Frequency Explained – Let Us Clarify for You

What Can Radio Frequency do for You? – Radio Frequency Explained.

Radio frequency explained. Wonder what on earth this treatment is about? Baffled by the term “Radio Frequency”? Read on to discover how it works and why our latest machine is the next big thing…

The New Celebrity Favourite

Our SkinBase Radio Frequency (RF) treatment dubbed; “The Facelift Facial” is wowing professional beauty therapists and clients alike. Celebrities, including Amanda Holden, Mel B and Kylie are reported to have packed in Botox, in favour of non-invasive Radio Frequency facials.

How Does it Work?

The SkinBase Collagen Lift RF treatment has amazing benefits for the skin. It tightens, strengthens, contours and tones tissue. The experience is surprisingly pleasant, especially the warm massaging action of the wand. The RF system achieves fantastic anti-ageing results, without the pain. Your SkinBase Therapist will pass the hand piece over the targeted areas in sweeping, circular motions. The radio frequency waves heat the layers of the skin and promote collagen and elastin production. The energy waves encourage the skin’s cells to metabolise more effectively, stimulating an increase of oxygen. This, in turn, helps to promote healing and skin rejuvenation.

It Keeps on Working

Results are instant but even better, the skin tightening and firming continues long after you have left the salon. Collagen production increases for up to 3 months after a course has finished. Long term, results can last up to 2 years. Wrinkles are removed and jowls lifted, right before your eyes. A winner all round! So send those needles packing, book yourself a course of SkinBase RF treatments instead. We’ll work our magic to reveal a smoother, tighter and more youthful face. We can’t say fairer than that.

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