No Smoking Day – Your skin will thank you for it!

It’s no smoking day and so we take a look at why you should quit smoking for your skin. The benefits don’t stop there either…

The benefits of quitting smoking begin as little as 1 hour after your last cigarette.
Smoking causes cells to be starved of oxygen. This results in dull, sallow and tired-looking skin.

When a person quits smoking the body will start to heal naturally. The good news is you can regain the vitality of a non-smoker over time. So the sooner you quit the better.

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Cigarettes contain a cocktail of chemicals. One of these chemicals is called lipid peroxide.

This is the main free radical that destroys the skin’s barrier. It is released in cigarette smoke and results in dry parched skin.

Cells called fibroblasts produce less collagen when exposed to tobacco smoke. These cells are the most common type found in connective tissue. The eye and lip areas are usually the most affected.


Smoking narrows blood vessels which prevents nutrients from reaching the skin. Quitting smoking will make sure nutrients reach the skin again.

A course of Microdermabrasion will help too.


Smokers often have very dry skin. It usually looks dull and lacklustre with a greyish tinge. Quitting smoking helps to restore your skin’s natural tone. Vitamin C also decreases in the skin and body when it’s exposed to cigarette smoke. This all causes damage – but all is not lost.

Quit smoking and Vitamin C and Collagen production returns to normal within months. Shallow dynamic wrinkles start to repair themselves. As circulation improves, a healthy glow returns.
A course of IPL Photo rejuvenation can help to repair some of this damage.

Don’t forget a good skincare regime is essential too. If you want your skin to look radiant and glowing again after quitting you should:

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