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New Year’s Resolutions – Habits we’re beating this year

It wouldn’t be New Year without some good resolutions, and this year and we’ve decided that ours will include getting rid of bad habits! Here are a few tricky bad habits we’re going to tackle in 2019. We would love to hear which bad habits you are planning to get rid of this year so please let us know in the comments!


It plagues even the most driven of us from time to time – putting things off for as long as possible, always making things more stressful than they need to be. You just know things will be easier if you get them done in good time, and a new year, with a new slate, is the perfect chance to overcome procrastination for good!

Poor organisation

Always the one racing around the night before to sort a present? Well, it’s time to plan ahead. At the end of the month, write a list of all the events and birthdays you have coming up for the next couple of months and blitz them, get everything (and we mean everything) you will need to make sure you aren’t rushing about last minute, causing yourself unnecessary stress!

Never texting back

Are you the friend who always means to reply straight away, but instead replies a week later, full of apologies? It’s more common than you’d think, especially for people who are stressed. If you can’t reply right away because you’re too busy or you aren’t in the right headspace, set up a reminder on your phone to get back to your friend later that evening, or the next morning.  

Mindless scrolling

How many evenings have you lost to scrolling through social media? We dread to think! Many phones now offer a way to track how much screen time you have each day, and if yours shows sky-high usage, try shutting it off at 6pm three days a week, to get you unplugged and free up your evenings. 

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