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Losing your summer glow

Losing your summer glow?

Summer is nearly over, and if you’re starting to feel like you are losing your summer glow already, we’re here to help. A SkinBase facial might not be able to bring back your tan, but it will give you a different kind of gorgeous, healthy glow. Read on to find out how a Microdermabrasion facial can give you a radiant complexion!


Did you know that dead skin cells actually absorb light, causing your skin to look duller than it should? Dead cells are no longer part of the skin, which means that the natural pigment of dark skin, or the pink tint of pale skin, doesn’t show through as well as with living skin cells. When skin starts to look grey, or ashy, what’s actually happening is a build-up of dead skin cells covering up your skin’s natural radiance. Microdermabrasion removes these dead skin cells by using a jet of abrasive crystals to gently lift them away from the living skin cells.

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Pores can easily become blocked with oil and old makeup, as well as microscopic pollution particles that actually settle in the fine crevices on the surface of the skin. These can all be very difficult to remove with a normal facial cleanser, and even at-home exfoliators might not get it all off. Microdermabrasion easily removes this build up of unwanted grime.


Sluggish circulation can cause all kinds of problems, and this is especially apparent in the skin. Stimulating the circulation in the skin not only helps to give you a healthy glow thanks to oxygenating the cells and improving blood flow through the skin, it also increases the amount of nutrients delivered to the skin, for a healthier complexion overall. During a Microdermabrasion facial, the abrasive crystals and dead skin cells/grime are sucked away using a gentle vacuum action, and this action also stimulates the skin’s circulation, to leave you looking radiant and glowing.


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