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Exercise your way to beautiful skin

If you plan to take up more exercise, or you are already a dedicated gym bunny, the good news is, working out has a number of benefits and it isn’t just about dropping pounds or getting in shape.

Exercising regularly also gives you an unmistakably healthy glow and beautifully radiant skin that you just can’t get any other way. The rewards of exercise extend far beyond slimming down or adding muscle tone but if you still need a bit of persuading to lace up your trainers, here’s a sneaky peek into just some of the ways that it can make you feel and look fantastic.

1. Smooth skin which oozes radiance

We know our followers enjoy the amazing benefits that a SkinBase microdermabrasion facial has to offer, and the good news is that working up a good sweat has similar beauty benefits related to getting a facial.

Exercise benefits the skin by reducing inflammation, prevents free-radical damage and regulates skin-significant hormones. Exercising helps more blood to reach the skin’s surface, delivering vital nutrients needed to repair damage from environmental pollutants and the sun. These nutrients also rev up the skin’s collagen production, preventing premature ageing and wrinkles, so your skin looks younger.

The SkinBase Facial has numerous benefits. Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical method of skin rejuvenation, and is quick, convenient and painless, immediately restoring younger, smoother looking skin without the need for chemicals, lasers or fillers. And the best bit is, it will leave your skin looking fabulous, so much so that you will feel confident enough to go makeup-free, which is especially important at the gym to prevent your pores from becoming clogged. Find out more here.

2. A big boost to self-esteem

Research has shown that people who began a regular exercise program felt better about their physical condition, overall health and self-worth, when compared to their peers who didn’t exercise. And the best bit is that even before they noticed a significant change to their bodies (which can often take eight weeks plus), they felt a boost to their self-worth almost immediately. Confident people radiate a certain physical appeal and charisma.

Adrian Taylor, PhD, an exercise researcher at the University of Exeter in England commented: “Our self-worth is directly tied to our energy levels, our feelings of competence and our perceived attractiveness.” And when you’re feeling good in your own skin, this is a big boost to our self-esteem and inner confidence.

3. Improved posture

Doing core strengthening exercises such as yoga, pilates and weight training will bring muscles back into balance, helping your back to lengthen and ultimately improve your posture.

People with hunched shoulders should try resistance training with bands, machines or free weights to strengthen the upper back and restore lost height and core strengthening exercises, such as planks are brilliant for those with swayed backs. You’ll find that exercises to improve posture tend to make you look thinner, fitter and best of all, feel more confident.

4. Better detoxification and immunity

If you find you often fall victim to cold and flu then you’ll be relieved to know that exercise also has some amazing immune-enhancing powers. Exercise encourages the body to churn out more white blood cells which mean fewer viruses and bacteria sneak past the gate. This means you will look radiant and full of health, rather than run down and wounds and blemishes of all kinds will heal faster too – BONUS!

So while most people think exercise is only about burning calories, it turns out it is so much more, such as better sleep, stress management, stronger immune system and an overall healthy body. And they all add up to a more radiant, gorgeous you with glowing skin.


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