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Acne prone skin

A DIY Oil To Help With Acne Prone Skin

While you may assume that acne and oil would be a skin disaster, certain oils are beneficial for a blemished prone complexion. Stripping the skin of all oil can actually result in the opposite effect as the skin starts to produce more oil to replace lost moisture. This usually leads to blocked pores and spots. Using a healthy oil that calms the skin and heals inflammation is highly effective in helping to clear your complexion.

To create a serum-oil that fights acne, use the following ingredients;

Hempseed oil

 – this non-comedogenic oil won’t clog pores in acne prone skin. Furthermore, it boasts anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe the skin. It softens the skin, promotes elasticity and protects the skin from free-radicals – molecules with unpaired electrons that damage cells.

Chamomile essential oil

– this will help to calm your complexion.

Aloe vera gel 

– this boasts anti-inflammatory properties as well as hydrating the skin.

Mix the chamomile oil with the hempseed oil – use 2 drops of chamomile oil per ounce of hempseed oil. Store in a glass bottle. Before usage, mix with aloe vera – this will prevent preservatives from needing to be used. Place a few drops of the mixed oil into your hand before adding a small amount of aloe vera gel. Mix together and apply over your complexion. It’s best used after cleansing and toning and instead of moisturiser.

If you don’t have any chamomile oil, you can use tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is effective in healing acne due to its antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Great for acne prone skin.
Hemp seed oil can be substituted for jojoba oil, which is anti-inflammatory and is a natural emollient.
Use this face oil on a regular basis and in combination with other acne fighting products and treatments like SkinBase microdermabrasion and SkinBase IPL to promote a clearer complexion.

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