What is microdermabrasion for active acne and what does it do?

Microdermabrasion for active acne has gradually become the first choice for many people looking to treat their skin.

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that helps with skin rejuvenation by exfoliating the epidermis.  Microdermabrasion for active acne has gradually become the first choice for many people looking to treat their skin. Surveys suggest that 95% of adolescents and adults suffer with acne or acne scarring, so you’re not alone in your quest to find the perfect treatment. Acne is classified into active and inactive, and the difference is important to understand when considering microdermabrasion. Active acne signifies the presence of comedones, papules and pustules on the skin. Inactive acne, on the other hand, is well controlled, and refers to acne-prone skin with no symptoms present. 


Microdermabrasion for Active Acne?

Active acne can be very difficult to live with. Visible symptoms on the skin can negatively affect self esteem and confidence, but there are solutions. Microdermabrasion for active acne is a suitable treatment. However, active areas of the skin must be avoided with the treatment wand. Microdermabrasion on active areas will cause spots to burst, worsening acne, spreading infection and increasing the skin’s healing time. If the treatment wand is going around the active areas and not over them, microdermabrasion is perfectly safe and beneficial for skin. 


What does Microdermabrasion do for Active Acne?

A stream of nonallergenic crystals exfoliate the skin and resurface the epidermis. A vacuum action then removes any dirt, dead skin cells and debris. Clients with acne-prone skin will often feel a difference before they see it, which will help to boost their confidence from the very first session. The treatment, particularly when performed as part of a course, will renew skin cells and improve the lymphatic drainage process. This combination reduces the production of sebum, and helps the active acne to heal, minimising the risk of scarring. Once the acne has calmed down, any areas of the face that had previously been avoided can be treated, to deep clean the skin and transform any uneven texture. When paired with a calming skincare routine, microdermabrasion can be the most effective way to control acne and minimise symptoms.