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We’ve got the perfect accessory for any outfit: Great skin.

Nothing looks better than firm, blemish-free, radiant skin. With so many creams, serums and other products out there promising to deliver the perfect complexion, it’s easy to underestimate the benefits of something as simple as exfoliation; but it could be the key to great skin you’ve been looking for.

What is it?

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, using either chemicals or abrasive materials. Certain types of exfoliation can also stimulate the circulation in the skin, further contributing to the rejuvenating effect by improving blood flow.

Why is it important?

Exfoliation is vital for healthy, glowing skin. Dead skin cells appear naturally during the skin’s renewal cycle, but the skin usually needs extra help with removing them in order to look radiant and smooth. The need for exfoliation is also increased by modern day life. For example, dehydration can cause the skin to become excessively flaky and stress can cause a number of skin conditions. Additionally, pollution particles, excess oil and makeup all contribute towards a layer of surface grime that can cause blocked pores, spots, uneven skin tone and even, in the case of toxic pollution, premature ageing. Another benefit of exfoliation is that it creates a blank canvas for your serum and moisturiser (and any other skincare products). With no dead skin cells to get in the way, these products can be more effectively absorbed, allowing your skin to get the maximum benefit from them.

What can it help with?

Every skin type can benefit from exfoliation. By stimulating the circulation and speeding up cell renewal, exfoliation can help to rejuvenate ageing and wrinkled skin. The results? younger, fresher and more radiant skin. Exfoliation is also excellent for acne scarring; improved cell renewal helps reduce scars. Stimulating the circulation allows the damaged skin under the scar to heal. Regular exfoliation is hugely beneficial to uneven skin tone, blemishes and pigmentation, quicker skin cell renewal results in improved skin condition. By removing the outermost layer of skin and stimulating cell turnover, imperfections disappear more quickly. Even acne sufferers can benefit from exfoliation, by deeply cleansing, removing dead skin, excess oil and grime, and unblocking pores.

What is the best type of exfoliation?

There are many types of exfoliation; from mild ones you can do at home like scrubs and acid toners, to invasive and sometimes painful chemical peels and laser treatments. But to get great skin a Microdermabrasion Facial is the ultimate exfoliating treatment, and it’s very gentle too. A fine jet of crystals passes over the skin to remove dead skin cells and other grime. Using a specialised tool, the dead skin cells are sucked away and disposed of. The tool also stimulates the circulation using its vacuum action. Skin is left deeply cleansed, radiant and smooth. The process is even relaxing and pleasant, thanks to our expertly trained therapists! Microdermabrasion Facials are far more effective than at-home exfoliation, and just as effective as more invasive treatments without being painful or requiring a lengthy recovery time. The perfect option for anyone who wants to achieve great skin.


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