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anti-ageing make up tips

Turn back the clock with these anti-ageing make up tips…

If you find yourself looking in the mirror and noticing a wrinkle here, a fine line there – don’t worry, you are not alone. Did you know that with some fairly simple makeup hacks, you can create the appearance of being younger than your years? Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, get reading!

Brighten Your Eyes

To help make your eyes appear brighter and in turn more youthful, try dabbing a champagne or light vanilla eyeshadow on the skin nearest to the inner corners of your eyes, using your index finger or a small flat brush. These light colours are slightly reflective in colour and will make you appear instantly more awake, counteracting the darkness which naturally occurs in the inner corners of our eyes. Any shade that is luminous and light in nature will do, but we find that powder works best as it’s easier to blend in comparison to cream eyeshadows.

Prep your pout

If your lips feel lacking in fullness and colour, don’t worry – this simple trick will help improve their appearance and in turn, perfect your pout! As we age, our lips lose definition, colour and fullness and sometimes you may feel that lipstick, gloss and even balms can make their appearance even worse. We usually fall victim to this when we haven’t properly prepped our pouts. Therefore, you should make sure that you regularly exfoliate your lips, daily if possible, to keep skin supple, smooth and free from flakes. Try a facial scrub or a light sugar scrub for a daily treatment. Alternatively, running a clean toothbrush or warm, damp wash-cloth over your lips will really help if they are dry and peeling. Just as you would apply a moisturiser to your face at night, also apply a hydrating lip serum packed with antioxidants and lip line-reducing peptides. This means when you wake up, your lips will feel much softer and more supple, ready to face the day ahead!

Give Your Lids A Much Needed Lift

Saggy eyelids are one of the first things to give the game away when it comes to age. But, the good news is, there are ways to create the illusion of more youthful lids by creating a defined brow. As we get older, our brows get thinner and often lighter but you’ll find if you pencil them in, eyes instantly look wider as it actually appears as though eyes have been lifted.

To create face-flattering arches, first find the point where your brow should begin by holding a pencil parallel to your nose vertically, (keep in mind it should roughly align with the inner corner of your eye.) Next, hold the pencil along the diagonal line from the outside of your eye’s iris to the tip of your nose, to find the point where your arch should be. Lastly, to discover where your brow should end, keep one end of the pencil resting on the side of your nose and align the pencil with the outer corner of your eye. To keep the look natural and realistic in appearance, it’s best to use a pencil or eyebrow shadow and just lightly fill in the sparse areas. Use slightly darker than your hair colour if you’re light-haired, and slightly lighter than your hair colour if you have dark hair.

Need more help with finding your ideal brow shape? We’ve got a blog for that!

Hide Your Lines

As we get older, concealers can often emphasise the wrinkles and fine lines on our face, especially under the delicate eye area. Instead, to help brighten the area around your eyes without worsening the appearance of lines, it’s best to steer clear of creams, pastes or powders and instead opt for a light-weight liquid formula. To prevent it from collecting in the lines, first, hydrate your skin with a light eye cream and allow it to absorb (usually takes up to ten minutes). Next, warm up the concealer between two fingertips to help it blend easily and use your ring finger to apply by lightly tapping on this delicate area.

Delicate Dewiness Vs Heavy Makeup

Wearing too much makeup is bad news if you’re hoping for a youthful appearance. To create a fresh, dewy appearance that allows your real skin to shine through, try using a tinted moisturiser instead of  full-coverage foundation and this will help create a glowing, more even complexion.


  • Turn back the clock with these anti-ageing make up tips…

    The right foods can have a massive impact on how w look and fight the ageing process. This blog from Marie Claire gives us some top tips on what we should be eating to both look and feel youthful.



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