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Treating stretch marks

Treating Stretch Marks and Getting Your Confidence Back

While you may feel you’re the only person struggling with stretch marks, you’re not alone. Whether you’ve been pregnant, had a growth spurt or have recently lost weight, stretch marks can occur for many reasons, and sometimes, they seem to appear without any real cause at all. Stretch marks aren’t a serious condition but they can knock your confidence, especially if you want to wear shorts, a bikini or a cropped top. Get your confidence back by minimising the appearance of your stretch marks using these methods:

Massage with topical treatments

Topical treatments are relatively affordable and they offer a quick, soothing solution. Topical treatments, like natural shea butter, work best on new stretch marks – those that have a red appearance as these can help to smooth and nourish the skin. Older stretch marks may be beyond the repair of a topical cream or oil.

Radio Frequency treatment

A radio frequency treatment helps to tone, firm and rejuvenate the skin, perfect for those with stretch marks. This non-invasive treatment demonstrates immediate results. How does it work? Radio Frequency treatment uses a wand swept over the skin, which is applied with a cosmetic gel, to heat the lower levels of the skin. This tricks the body into thinking that the skin is injured, thus, collagen production is boosted and elastin fibres are realigned for a more structured pattern. The treatment works well on any skin type, even dark tones, and different parts of the body can be treated effectively.


Microdermabrasion is another fantastic non-surgical treatment for stretch marks. This treatment involves using non-allergenic crystals to stimulate collagen production and improve the texture of the surface of the skin. As it’s quick and painless, you won’t need to spend time recovering, so you can easily fit this treatment into your schedule and benefit from the results.

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