Top tips to enhance your features and natural beauty…

If you’re interested in learning more about how to enhance your features and natural beauty, these tips are a great starting point

While I love nothing more than applying make up and trying new techniques, some days it’s just so much easier to be a natural beauty. If you’re interested in learning more about how to enhance your features and natural beauty, these tips are a great starting point! So put down the foundation, mascara, eye shadow, bronzer etc etc and let’s go!

It’s time to go nude

No, cheeky – not that kind of nude! We are referring to removing your makeup. Totally understand this is a very bold move, but if we are going to really try the natural route and enhance our natural beauty, then it is best to start with a clean palette, and forego any makeup… at least to start.

Gently does it

Going makeup free is so much easier when our skin is looking its best, as it really helps to boost our confidence and we are less likely to want to pile on the foundation! Healthy skin is beautiful skin, so it’s important to use a good cleanser to remove all makeup and dirt. Make sure that you choose one that is gentle and doesn’t strip the skin.

Exfoliate your lips

You don’t need to rely on expensive lip-glosses to make your lips kissable and full. Instead, to do this the natural way, exfoliate them and then use a lip balm to keep them smooth, soft and supple. You can purchase exfoliators that are designed specifically for lips, or a simple method to try at home is to rub them with a clean, warm washcloth for one minute.

Wear sun protection

As we near the summer, this is even more important. While we can’t avoid the sun entirely, it is important to be careful and look after your skin by wearing a good sunblock, one that offers SPF 30 broad-spectrum (UVA and UVB) protection. This will help prevent premature ageing and wrinkles, sun spots, and even worse, cancer!

Cheat your way to fuller eyelashes

One thing I really lust after is fuller eyelashes, so if you’re like me and have sparse lashes, cheat by using a clear lash growth serum to enhance your natural beauty. Start applying the serum before you go to bed, and again in the morning after washing, and you’ll notice thicker, darker lashes in as little as 6 weeks. Hooray!

Never go to bed without washing your face

We’ve all been guilty of this one, but if you want to be a natural beauty, this is a big no no! It’s important to have a good skincare regime at night as your skin repairs itself when you sleep. So to help it along and enhance your natural beauty, wash each night to remove the dirt and pollution from the day.