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Top summer beauty secrets

Top summer beauty secrets…

We’ve already marked the official start of spring so now it’s time to start thinking about tweaking your summer beauty regime to suit the warmer months ahead. And, the good news is, in this blog we will tell you how to combat unwanted summer beauty stresses so you can be cool, calm and collected no matter how hot and humid things get…


To help keep your makeup in place during the day, you should try using a primer which will also help to reduce the horrid shine that warmer weather often brings. First apply your moisturiser and SPF, allow to dry, and then apply the primer before applying your face makeup.

Scrub then soothe

Legs and feet need extra attention, especially when summer is around the corner so be sure to give them a good scrub in the shower and then apply a nourishing moisturiser afterwards. Even better, book a microdermabrasion pedicure for super smooth feet! If you have a shower or bath just before bed, a really good idea is to moisturise your feet and slip them into a pair of cotton socks. And then, once you wake up, your feet will feel really soft and ready for strappy sandal weather!

Liquid vs pencil liner

When the heat is on, a good waterproof liquid liner is much better than pencil and won’t smudge or run in the sun or water. Not a good look and one to avoid!

Your skin will love a cold shower

They can be hard to take but cold showers are much better for you because hot showers steal moisture from your skin. Hot showers also wreak havoc on dry hair because it opens your hair follicles, causing them to dehydrate. Try opting for a lukewarm shower and for a minute or so at the end, turn the water to cold to quench your skin and seal your hair follicles. Your skin and hair will reap the benefits, skin will be extra smooth and hair extra shiny.

Fight the chlorine

Chlorinated water can turn hair an unpleasant shade of green so to help prevent this, apply oil such as olive oil, baby oil or coconut oil. A rinse of your hair with tap water will also work wonders before hitting the pool.


Holidays and alcohol often go hand in hand so you might find yourself with a big case of puffy eyes the next morning after too much sun and cocktails. To help reduce the dreaded puffiness, slice up a refrigerated cucumber and then place them over your lids for 15 minutes. Works like a treat.

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