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Top Skincare Tips For Pregnant Women

Our wonderful skin can be challenging enough at the best of times, but when pregnant, well…that’s an entirely different story. When pregnant, our precious bodies are experiencing such hormonal surges that these rampant hormones are bound to have an effect on our skin in weird and (often not so) wonderful ways. 

Yes, some women are lucky and often glowing throughout their pregnancy, while others, not so much. Not only do pregnant women go through a trying time as it is, there are lots of niggly skin complaints that rear their ugly heads during pregnancy. Let’s explore a little more in detail…

Common Skin Complaints when Pregnant

One of the most common skin issues during pregnancy that women worry about most is pigmentation and getting patchy skin which can be caused by hormone changes and subsequent UV exposure. 

Other complaints include stretch marks and acne and while for a lot of these complaints not much can be done, there are a few simple steps that can help your skin remain glowing and healthy throughout your pregnancy. 

How To Stay Glowing 

It’s not always possible, but there are a few ways to make your skin glow from the inside out. 

  • Use a high factor sun protection when in the sun. 
  • Moisturise daily.
  • Use oils such as Bio Oil on your stretch mark areas (tummy, boobs etc.).
  • Stay as hydrated as possible.
  • Treat yourself to a lovely and relaxing facial. 
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet. 

Pregnancy can be tough because you’re going through so much already, the last thing you want to worry about is having problem skin. Just follow our tips and make sure you pamper yourself with a pregnancy-friendly treatment that will soothe and relax your skin, body and mind. 

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