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Sweat Proof Makeup – Check out these tips

Whether you’re stifled by warm weather, work in a hot environment, or are heading to a workout at the gym, sweatproof makeup can come in handy if you want your complexion to look good in any situation. If you want your makeup to last, check out these top tips.


Prepping your skin with a primer will help your foundation to stay put throughout the day. A lightweight primer is ideal for the majority of skin types and will create a long-lasting, flawless finish. The majority of primers help to minimise fine lines and imperfections, however, you can also find primers tailored towards your specific skin type. Apply primer over your daily moisturiser and follow with your base makeup.

Flawless base

Choose a long-lasting foundation – one that is formulated to wear for hours without fading or sliding off the skin. Both liquid and mineral foundations are ideal. Opt for those with good coverage that allow the skin to breathe. If you’re not a fan of foundation, a tinted moisturiser or bb cream is perfect to even out skin tone.

Setting spray

After applying your foundation, lightly spritz a setting spray over your complexion to prevent your makeup from melting or fading. If you want serious staying power, this step is a must.

Go waterproof

Waterproof makeup is the way to go if you want your eye makeup to last. A waterproof mascara will lengthen and define your lashes without smudging. If you want to enhance your eyes further, use a waterproof eyeshadow to withstand any sweat. Creams or stick eyeshadows are the best formulations to use to keep your eye makeup in place. If you have oily eyelids, use a shadow primer beforehand to prevent your shadow from slipping or creasing.


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