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To sponge, brush or fingertip? That is the question…

Applying makeup is second nature for many of us, but for others, the application process raises a number of questions. One of the most common questions is what is the best way to apply your makeup? Sponge, brush or just plain old fingertips – it’s easy to get confused. But don’t fear, in this blog, we will explore this dilemma!

When it comes to which tools you should be using to apply makeup, it largely comes down to personal preference as there are pros and cons for each. To see which applicator you feel most comfortable using, it’s best to experiment with each. Find out which technique works best for you. Trial and error will help to determine the winner, but to help you on your way, we’ve broken down the specific benefits of each.


Sponges are perfect for creating an even, flawless finish. It’s best to wet the sponge before using a liquid foundation to help ensure even distribution of the product. This will help create a lightweight and sheer look which you can then build up further, if necessary. There are a variety of sponges to choose from for creating different makeup techniques, such as contouring or highlighting. Just be mindful that sponges will soak up more product in comparison to using your fingertips or a brush.


If you’re hoping for an airbrushed finish, then brushes are your best friend as they are known for their precision and also blendability. Whether you’re using powder or cream, brushes are versatile enough to get the job done. To get your desired look, start with a small amount of product and build up -as you tend to get a more concentrated amount of product and colour with a brush, so blending it all out is essential.


If you’re not sold on using a brush or a sponge, then the good news is that using fingers to apply makeup is just as effective. The natural warmth of your fingertips will help to blend, just make sure you build up slowly because you will be getting a more concentrated application. They also work a treat when applying eye shadow and cream blushes as they will give you the best colour payoff. Don’t apply too much pressure when using your fingers, a gentle tapping motion with your ring finger is just enough.

So there we have it! Which method do you prefer? I find that I use my fingers when I’m in a rush and then a sponge or brush when I have more time to primp and want a more done-up look. We also recently uploaded a blog all about the perfect order to apply your makeup which should help further and compliment all you have learned in this blog perfectly. You’ll be feeling like a pro in no time!


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