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Salons are open

Salons are open – Get booking quick!

Salons are open again in England and they are ready for you. We have seen lots of posts this week showing all the intense cleaning happening in anticipation of reopening and also some lovely Christmassy decor going up to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. So get yourself booked in and show support for your local therapist.

Book a facial

There’s still time to fit a mini-course in before Christmas if your therapist has availability, or you could book your January transformation now- Make 2021 the year you start really looking after your skin, and begin with a 6 week course of facials to get control of those skin concerns!

Look after your skin

The care you take now will affect how your skin looks in years to come. Your skin, especially your face, is exposed to the elements daily and uv damage, pollution and other lifestyle factors all play a part in how your skin will look 30 years from now. Starting a regime of prevention now will save you money in years to come and you’ll be glad you started now, trust us! 

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Microdermabrasion uses a jet of tiny crystals to gently exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells and unblockpores. The vacuum action of the machine stimulates circulation and promotes increased blood flow. 

Collagen Lift 

Using radio frequency, Collagen Lift rejuvenates & tightens skin. Whereas some injectables paralyse the muscle to improve the appearance of wrinkles and plump out the skin, with Collagen Lift a more defined jawline is achieved and fine lines and wrinkles are reduced due to the tightening effect from a natural realignment of the tissues.

IPL Photorejuvenation

IPL releases short pulses of filtered light. This light is absorbed by the high concentration of melanin found within freckles, sun spots and liver spots. The rapid absorption of light energy heats the melanin and due to the heat breaks down the melanin-rich cells.  The Final result; brighter, fresher and more even skin tone.

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