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Pigmentation – Do you know what’s causing your skin woes?

Pigmentation can be a tricky skin concern to treat, because there are a wide variety of causes. It can also take a while to become visible making it harder to recognise the cause. Sun exposure, pregnancy, allergies and genetics are common causes, but there are some others you may never have considered. Here are some of the more unusual causes of pigmentation that you should be aware of.


Some medications can increase your risk of developing hyperpigmentation by causing ‘photosensitivity’. This means that your skin becomes more sensitive to UV rays, so it’s a type of sun damage and can occur even if you didn’t think you were exposing your skin to too much sun. Check your medication, and load up with a broad spectrum SPF at all times to prevent dark patches developing.

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Hormonal Contraception

The pill is another common, but not widely recognised cause of pigmentation. Most commonly occurring from the upper lip to the forehead, it’s the same as the melasma women experience during pregnancy, and hormones cause it. The only problem of course, is that pregnancy only lasts for nine months, whilst you can be on birth control for a very long time! Microdermabrasion can help to reduce this pigmentation, by speeding up cell renewal and therefore causing your skin to shed the pigmented cells. However, it’s essential to also use a high factor sun protection to stop it returning.


A relatively unknown, and quite unexpected cause of pigmentation is wearing perfume whilst out in the sun. Avoid the neck in particular as the skin here is already delicate. Spray perfume on an area that will be concealed like your stomach if you’re wearing a dress. To avoid the issue altogether, spray your perfume on your clothes instead.


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