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Last minute Christmas shopping

Last minute Christmas shopping ideas

Christmas is fast approaching and there’s nothing worse at this time of year than realising you aren’t as prepared as you thought you were! If someone important completely slipped your mind, or if you’ve been wracking your brains since October and still haven’t come up with something for that difficult someone, here are a few suggestions to help you get them a gift they deserve. 

Pop into your local salon

Most salons will have a great selection of gifts for all the ladies in your life, from body care and skincare to candles, and of course, gift certificates to treat them to a massage or facial. Find your nearest SkinBase therapist below!


The latest eyeshadow palette, bronzing powder or luxury lipstick is the perfect gift for any beauty addict in your life – stay away from complexion products like foundation or concealer as these are nearly impossible to get right when buying for someone else!


A pretty bracelet or set of earrings from their favourite shop is sure to be well received. There are plenty of shops on the high street that don’t cost a fortune but create stunning pieces your friend is sure to love. 

A scarf

Who doesn’t love a nice, tasteful scarf? Check out higher-end high street shops for some gorgeous knitted scarves that your friend will be guaranteed not only to love but also to get plenty of use out of!

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A stocking of fillers

If you’re really stuck for ideas, how about doing something a little different? Buy a stocking, and fill it with little stocking filler gifts that your friend might like. Think mini gift with single products inside, prosecco sweets, brussels sprout shaped chocolates, a seed bomb, fancy bubble bath, a mini candle, gourmet popcorn, a mini origami set…the list is endless! By combining a few things together, they will feel lavished with attention from you, even if the gifts aren’t the most personal.


Almost every single beauty brand on the face of the earth does special Christmas gift sets nowadays. Are they looking for a skincare switch-up? Do they enjoy using face masks? Or are they worried about ageing? There’s guaranteed to be a brand out there for them, with an attractive and affordable gift set too. Oh and, if you’re not sure what skin type they have – opt for a body care gift set instead.

Nail Polish

A lovely set of luxurious nail polishes is always sure to go down well. Make sure it’s a really nice brand, and pick age/lifestyle appropriate colours you’ve seen them wear before – for example, if you’re buying for a 50 year old lawyer, put the neon pink and glitter polish down and opt for a sleek, sophisticated grey instead!  Pick them up some luxurious hand cream and a glass nail file to go with it. They’ll never know you were panicking to find them something.

A drunken gift set

Cocktail making kits, craft beers and gin selection boxes are always a good idea! If you’re opting for a boozy gift however, make sure you’re buying for someone who isn’t planning on doing dry January.

Cosy slippers

Is it possible to have too many cosy clothes? We don’t think so. In the dead of winter, warm and snuggly clothes are always appreciated and they’ll love a new pair of fluffy, soft slippers.

Some silly kitchen gadgets

There are so many hilarious and ridiculous, but also kind of brilliant kitchen gadgets out there today. From an avocado tool that will cut, pit and slice all in one go, to a 5-in-1 utensil that will do the job of five other kitchen utensils. You can buy silicone herb infusers for cooking soups and sauces with fresh herbs, or silicone ‘food huggers’ to wrap around half used vegetables instead of plastic wrap, or even a self-heating butter knife! The list of fun kitchen gadgets for your foodie friends is endless.

Happy shopping, and an even happier Christmas to you all!


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